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Media Playback variable speed/rate

Ability to change the playback speed of the media element engine, allowing users to listen / view media at 1.5, 2 times the normal playback rate. Needed for playback of long recordings (think lectures) where you want to review lots of material. Akin to WMP implementation where you can set the playback rate

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    anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Akash Kumar commented  · 

        Silverlight 5 is out, but still no playback rate control!

      • Joe commented  · 

        I have a mac - and understand that to adjust the playback speed you have to input some code, but there aren't any good instructions for the RC version running on a mac. Can someone help me out?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Is there a way to adjust playback speed so that you can listen to lectures faster?

      • Dave Rosman commented  · 

        Please add the Media Playback variable speed/rate for silverlight. It would help me take on some of the big companies doing transcription. I currently develop in c#.net using vs2010. We are a small firm with big ideas. Thanks for all you have given us so far. Keep coming up with new ideas.

      • Clinton Rocksmith commented  · 

        I hope it has the ability to turn off pitch correction (TrickPlay) will make a great ability for speeding up samples to new notes for music. Mind you, if they can make the pitch change and keep the duration the same, WOW, even better.

        I don't ask for much, just flexibility so that we can leverage it.

      • Evan P commented  · 

        Scot Guthrie mentioned that is upcoming in version 5.

      • Michael commented  · 

        This is critical for our students viewing lecture videos. Right now we have workarounds in place to use WMP instead of Silverlight. Give us our Silverlight back!!

      • Matt commented  · 

        Us med school students w/ macs are SUFFERING because this feature doesnt exist....PLEASEEEE

      • BorysG commented  · 

        Currently we implement that through the timer which plays video/audio faster or slowly. But sometimes MediaElement skips frames. Thus feature is very critical

      • JD commented  · 

        This is a basic feature. Slide control of playback speed should include in ever media player. At least give us the option to pay for an additional add on to change the speed. Thanks.

      • lee commented  · 

        I can't understand why my school switched to silverlight. This feature is critical, otherwise, I may as well attend the live lectures.

      • Yong commented  · 

        very useful for student viewing/revising recorded lecture.

      • Tyler commented  · 

        It 's very usable for our projects.

      • tushar commented  · 

        there is a huge demand for this feature in the audio mining industry. there are over 3,000,000 users just in this industry who would shun using silverlight based audio playback purely because of this one reason -- there is no way to playback at different speeds. we believe that feature is supported but only using a RAW wav file (which are huge in size compared to a compressed WAV or MP3 file), but it needs to be supported for MP3 files (or any other compressed audio format).

        This is critical for our project and the industry in general and if silverlight/microsoft wants this massive user base, they should add this feature pronto. we would appreciate if silverlight project managers/developers can reply to this post and give us a time line for the same. txs


      • tchinnarao commented  · 

        we have project which was developed in asp.net , in that project the player is showing successfully in playspeed in 2 times or 4 times with sound and video. we did not noticed that the same feature is not available in Silver media framework with SL4. unfortunately we noticed that the play speed increase feature is not support in the media element also, after my whole project was developed in SMF. we dont know what to do, shall i blame microsoft, yes , i am doing that.
        now what to do , my manager is asking this feature.

      • AJ commented  · 

        Our students demand 1.4-2x viewing of lectures, and so far we are sticking with WMP. However, this leaves our Mac users out in the cold, except for their reliance on the very flaky Flip4Mac plugin. Silverlight needs this feature!

      • Nik commented  · 

        this is an important feature and would make silverlight a much better utility.

      • Rob commented  · 

        This is absolutely necessary for students. I can't believe this issue has existed for so long and still hasn't been fixed.

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