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Encoding and streaming to Media Server / IIS

To make some use for the webcam/mic support announced for Silverlight 4, some video/audio encoders should be built in (for example Windows Media or h264/AAC). Also there should be built in support for streaming audio/video to either a Windows Media server or to IIS using live smooth streaming.

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      • birbilisbirbilis commented  · 

        forget H264 encoding on the client - patent issues / royalties needed I think

      • Henrik ErlandssonHenrik Erlandsson commented  · 

        As separated modules: http://silverlightvideochat.codeplex.com/

        1- Client/Server Voice Chat module, one-multi and Full Duplex one-one
        2- Client/Server Video Chat module, one-multi and Full Duplex one-one
        3- Client/Server Desktop Presenter/Desktop Sharing module, one-multi

        As full project: http://webvideoconferencing.codeplex.com/

        - Full Silverlight InBrowser Client application
        - Multi Conferencing Rooms
        - Up to 6 Video/Voice Talkers on each room to unlimited listeners
        - Online Presenter System
        - Text Chatting System
        - Supports Working on Windows and MAC OS
        - Suitable to Work on WAN/LAN Networks

      • Yibeltal BeyabelYibeltal Beyabel commented  · 

        Siliverlight's ability to capture video/audio will be really great only if it is possible to stream the captured media up to servers. This is highly required for video/audio chat and other great applications

      • Oleksandr BilykOleksandr Bilyk commented  · 

        What about official microsoft position? Did anyone ask microsoft when thay are going to make this or not? I see only lamentation but no one microsoft answer. Microsoft has many silverlight MVP's and no one answers whether this feature is under construction.

      • SC28SC28 commented  · 

        Hopefully this will change soon - had to switch over to Flash on our new project (after two years of Silverlight development) because to this missing piece. Hope to return soon!

      • Selim Al Hasan Selim Al Hasan commented  · 

        It is badly needed as early as posible.Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

      • Hima VejellaHima Vejella commented  · 

        Yes.I would love to have this feature

      • ACAC commented  · 

        Must have to develop video conferencing systems or create frontends for user generated content.

      • MarcMarc commented  · 

        Essential feature for Silverlight to compete against flash. Beside access to webcam and audio It would be great that:
        1) encoding for video and audio - preferably new codecs, preferably with Hardware Acceleration
        2) A kind of media server that does the multiplexing
        3) decoding of video and audio, preferably with hardware acceleration.

      • VladVlad commented  · 

        Okey, so the encoding/decoding doesn't exist and this kinda sucks....but what do you mean by built-in support for streaming audio/video to Windows Media server/IIS(smooth streaming)? Isn't this feature already built in Silverlight?

      • Mukesh KumarMukesh Kumar commented  · 

        Encoding audio/video streaming is a must for SilverLight team, otherwise this will never come to be an impeccable solution.

      • smithkl42smithkl42 commented  · 

        There are three critical parts for this:
        (1) A realtime encoding/decoding solution for audio and video Flash has this; Silverlight needs it.
        (2) A realtime streaming solution(both client-side and server-side, upstream and downstream). Flash has this; Silverlight needs it.
        (3) Acoustic echo cancellation. Flash doesn't offer this, and its audio sucks as a result. Silverlight needs it.

        Best of all would be if SL made all of these pluggable, so that we could implement our own custom solutions if, for some reason, we needed to work with a different codec format or protocol or thought we could improve on the echo cancellation algorithm.

      • Richard LeeRichard Lee commented  · 

        Devon, the comment is really about encoding, not just decoding - i.e. something like a video conference app using Smooth Stream without a 2 minute latency - there are no in-built encoder codecs in SL and other than MJpeg work arouds, it puts SL behind FDlash which does (albeit somewhat dated encoder).

      • DevonDevon commented  · 

        I think that everyone commenting about non support for multimedia are a bit off base. 1st MS provides 2 types of streaming solutions that integrate with silverlight real well. We have been streaming to media servers and utilizing SL for playback from SL 2 to today.

      • Shilin DaiShilin Dai commented  · 

        Yeah. I've to say that it's a pain in the ass to have webcan and mic support without efficient ways to encode the captured images and voice. I'm desperate to want to arm me with this ability in Silverlight.

      • PiotrPiotr commented  · 

        Some kind of encoding is must. Without it video and audio capturing is useless. There is no way to use unmanaged code 3thd party libraries (mostly c/c++) in silverlight/c# environment and there isn't any well known managed code libraries.

      • Martin KirkMartin Kirk commented  · 

        How about using the GPU to Encode the H264/(AAC or MP3) stream ??? would be freaking awesome if you didn't need the CPU to Encode the H264 :-)

        GPU power = HD Quality + Speed + Low Power

      • Computing MasteryComputing Mastery commented  · 

        Yes, we need this for any real video conferencing type applications, P2P and MultiCast of encoded video streams should also be supported.

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