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vector printing

Silverlight 4 prints by rasterizing the content to bitmap and sending this bitmap to printer. This has many unpleasant side effects - print jobs are huge, especially on high DPI printers and long documents, printing to PDF or XPS is essentially useless, because the output contains just bitmaps, etc.
Please, implement proper vector printing like WPF, Flash, GDI, Windows Forms etc.

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    anonymousanonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • ian.ringroseian.ringrose commented  · 

        Printing to PDF would be veryuseful as most computers have a good method of printing out PDF files.

      • Stefan SStefan S commented  · 

        Our enterprise solution suffers mainly by the limit that the print job is aborted prematurely when e.HasMorePages = true and e.PageVisual = null.

        This occurs when there is a high load on the image server and the event handler in printDocument.PrintPage has to wait for the image.

        Of course we agree to the previous comments regarding performance issues.

      • Dean MDean M commented  · 

        I had to remove printing from our Silverlight LOB apps because of the sometimes horrendous speeds. Silverlight Printing in its current form is useless.

      • olanolan commented  · 

        Improve please :-)

      • zxwzxw commented  · 

        希望能够提供打印预览,打印设置,打印对话框,像Winform一样自定义打印命令,如DrawString(),DrawRec() ....

      • baobao267baobao267 commented  · 

        我将要打印的东西做成了一个独立的usercontrol,想通过循环跟支持多页打印来实现,结果打印出来的都是最后一条。具体代码如下: int pageCount = Convert.ToInt32(tb_Count.Text);
        PrintDocument print = new PrintDocument();
        foreach (var item in DG_Result.ItemsSource)
        BarCode.Code code = new BarCode.Code(((DeviceInfo)item).BarCode);
        print.PrintPage += (s, args) =>
        args.PageVisual = code;//code是自定义的usercontrol
        args.HasMorePages = (pageCount>0);
        print.EndPrint += (s, args) => { MessageBox.Show("打印完成"); };
        问题出在code这个usercontrol上,它虽然根据传入的数据将条形码改变,但是打印时args.PageVisual被最后一条数据给覆盖,导致循环打印出的条形码统统一样。请帮忙看下,真不知问题出哪了,我调了一下 code的LayoutUpdated事件,发现根本都没走。
        如果实在不行,请你帮我想一下有没有其他方式可以实现多次打印啊,比如silverlight调用win32 api或者有什么插件之类的能够支持

      • RogerRoger commented  · 

        this is so important,I need it

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 


      • lawrencelawrence commented  · 


      • Pat28Pat28 commented  · 

        Very strange that just Printing is done on the UI Thread.
        This should be handled by a BackgroundWorker...

      • haihai commented  · 

        this is my wish too.

      • Ryan D. HatchRyan D. Hatch commented  · 

        This is CRUCIAL to Silverlight Business applications.

      • Gabriel BalazsGabriel Balazs commented  · 

        This is unbelievable. I need normal printing as well.

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